City Gent Links

The City Gent Site

Featuring the fanzine of the same name and much historical material about City and Avenue.

The City Gent: What's New?

The City Gent's Latest.

The Internet Bantams

The World Famous IBs.

City Promotion 1998-1999

The City Gent analyse the Bantams progress.

Football Links

Football 365

Danny Kelly's daily football newspaper. Frequently fails to contain any City news.

The TeamTALK Bradford City News Page

Up to the minute news on City


News on many football clubs


Badger these people until they accept the England 2006 bid.


Badger these people until they sack Lennart Johannson.

Football League

The Football League's web page. You might want to wish them farewell after 96 years in May.

Other Links

Cinema 1990-1999

Movie Page what I made myself.

Star Wars.Com

You know, Star Wars? Well there is this new Star Wars coming out and I'm going to go see it in New York on the 21st of May unless City finish in the play-offs.

The best page for EA Sports FIFA99 soccer sim.