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All contributions to THE BOY FROM BRAZIL are welcome. I am especially looking for match reports to add a number of different view points (make sure you include a Man of the Match). If you are dying to sound off the opinion pieces are most welcome. Transfer news and rumours are also welcome but make sure that you give your opinion.

If you want to add a player to the A-Z of former City Players then please do. Try to include some personal details (Birth place, former clubs etc) and, if you can, what the player has ended up doing. Other contributions, such as greatest teams, season reviews or memories (especially Wembley based) will also be gratefully received.

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Were You Watching Mr. Hoddle?

I reckon that by the time we are in the Premiership (next season) that Robbie (Blake) will of done us justice and either have a England B cap or even maybe train with the team. I rate Darren Moore as highly as Sol Campell and maybe even Rankin if he decides to knock the ball in the net instead of missing open nets.


The Palace Win

Regarding importance of win over Palace. What can be said except "one (mud)lark does not a summer make"?


The Rankin Penalty

My father in law used to be a rugby referee, and his quote to players who disputed a decision, i.e. "That was never a ........." was "look in the paper tomorrow and you'll see if it was!!!". In other words you ain't gonna change the decision once its made, and these things even themselves out over the season. Unfortunately, with TV cameras everywhere nowadays every decision a ref makes is to be dissected in minute detail after looking at seventeen replays. The ref gets a split second to make a decision, and from where i was sat at the other end of the Ciba stand it looked a penalty. The goal stands, end of story.

Tony Newman, Ciba Stand, 21/1/99.

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